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I never thought I’d make history…

I have an exciting update to share: I resigned from Seattle University to focus on and expand Harden Consulting Group.

Why now? What does this mean?

I’m not going to lie: resigning was a difficult decision. I absolutely love my students (affectionately referred to as “my cubs”). Who I am is an educator, through and through, and I don’t have to be employed by a university for that.

Shortly after I submitted my resignation, I learned that Harden Consulting Group was awarded the 2022 Entity Award for Innovative Social Justice Response from the Commission for Social Justice Education and the 2022 MLK Award for Community, Equity, and Social Justice from Washington State University.

I was confident before, and these meaningful accolades were additional encouragement: Harden Consulting Group is where my next phase of education and impact lie.

We celebrated MLK Day in January and talked about Dr. King’s legacy all February for Black History Month (some tend to forget that Black History is 365 days, not just 28). We all know Dr. King had a dream. But as Denzel Washington reminded us, “a dream without action is just a dream.”

My dream—or mission, to use business-speak—is to shift leaders' mindset from a traditional diversity and inclusion model and help them evolve and upgrade their thinking, behavior, and organizational culture to one that emphasizes equity, belonging, and communication. My work with my colleagues at Harden Consulting Group and with clients like yourself puts action to that dream.

As I celebrate Women’s History (and my birthday!) this month, I am delighted that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has made history with her nomination to the Supreme Court.

I’m thrilled that Shelly Cayette made history last month as the first Black woman to serve as COO of an NBA team (Cleveland Cavs).

I am honored, grateful, and thrilled that I, too, have made history as the first Black female professor in Seattle U’s department of communication. I’m proud of the positive impact I’ve had on students, and that Harden Consulting Group received those awards.

And, I’m excited for the next chapter.

My days making history are far from over. My team and I look forward to continuing to educate our clients and community about social justice, moving from ally to accomplice, racial battle fatigue, belonging, care, and transformation.

To echo the sweet words sung by The Carpenters, “We’ve only just begun” (Doggone it, I just dated myself, didn’t I?).

You can expect to get monthly updates on my latest thought leadership. I am booking speaking engagements for Q3 2022. Simply reply to this email if you would like me to present The Allyship Challenge™ to your organization, and you can view my other featured speaking topics here. You'll hear more from me soon.

All the best,


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