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Breathe deep, and ask yourself a difficult question: Is your company doing everything possible to support DEI in the workplace?

For most companies, the honest answer to that question is a resounding “no.”

But don’t worry! The immersive One Culture™ DEI Conference will teach you how to pull DEI into the spotlight and show you why prioritizing DEI benefits every aspect of your company.

The unfortunate truth is that traditional DEI measures don’t do nearly enough to bring real inclusivity into the office. A dedication to DEI ensures employee satisfaction, shows company-wide appreciation and helps avoid discrimination or other unfair treatment.

So, then, how do you go about reaping the rewards of having true allyship in the office?

Here are a few benefits of registering for the One Culture™ DEI Conference.

1. Embracing DEI means an ongoing commitment to bettering the workplace, not treating differences as a problem to be solved with one “diversity hire” or an insincere YouTube video about respect. Learn how to make your DEI efforts permanent.

2. Most attempts at bringing DEI into office culture result in failure. Learn why this is and how you can strive to ensure your DEI implementations are successes.

3. Attendees will learn in real time from experts on the latest DEI strategies, concepts, and research. Best practices and actionable strategies are embedded in the information and solutions to be shared by 20+ thought leaders.

The One Culture DEI Conference provides a practical value: an opportunity to learn about challenges and successes when implementing concrete DEI initiatives and ideas that will help you make real progress—not only in the workplace, but also in your community.

Join us for the One Culture DEI Conference on April 17 & 18, 2023, at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA, as we reflect, challenge the status quo, and commit to the real transformation of becoming One Culture.

  • Dr. Kimberly Harden | Sick and Tired, Tired and Sick: My Experience with Racial Battle Fatigue

  • Alida Miranda-Wolff | Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations That Last

  • Incorporating DEIB and Anti-Racism  into Recruitment | Lisa Grund & Tangi Tash

  • The Culture of Care | Shatoyia Moss

  • Whiteness at Work | Desiree Adaway

  • Inside Out: The Equity Leader’s Guide to Undoing Institutional Racism | Dr. Caprice Hollins

  • A Matter of Pride: LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Allyship | Kabri Lehrman-Schmid, Steph Hirsch & Christopher Peguero

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Value or Silo? | Julia Ismael & Theresa Dinh

  • Building Better: Inclusive Engineering and Construction Services | Karen Dove, Joe Williams, Aaron Wofford-Miles & Carl Hugle

  • Advancing Racial Equity in Healthcare | Dr. Paula L. Houston, Dr. Brian Sung & Edward E. Leonard II MD, FACP

  • Champions for Justice: Advancing DEI Practice in Philanthropy | Dr. Nekya, Michelle Y. Merriweather & Josalyn P. Ford, MPA 

  • Ensuring Educational Equity and Efficiency | Dr. Joelle Pretty, Dr. Maria Paula McPherson & Vincent Daniel Perez, MPA 

  • Human Rights, Social Justice, and the Law |  Lu Jiang, Craig Sims & Ziad Youssef

  • Racial Equity in Financial Services | Shelia Winston, Sulayman Nyang & Tisha Held

  • The Importance of Supplier Diversity Programs | Randy Massengale, Rocky Fong & Tim Wang

  • The Power of Neurodiversity and (Dis)Ability in the Workplace | Chisa O’Quinn, Karen Williams & Ashlea Elliott

  • The Fight for Social Equity and Environmental Justice | Nayiri Haroutunian & Christopher Peguero

  • The Power of Storytelling | Jasmine Barta & Marc Gleckman

For those traveling to be with us, we have a special rate at the Courtyard Seattle Bellevue/Downtown for $209 USD per night.

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